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Ty Original Beanie Babies Molasses Sloth II

Ty Original Beanie Babies Molasses Sloth II

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Introducing the beloved Ty Beanie Babies - Molasses Sloth II, a cherished addition to the iconic Ty Beanie Babies collection.

This adorable sloth plush toy has been reborn with an even more luxurious plush fabric, making it a delight to touch and hug. Its bright, eye-catching colors and detailed design make Molasses Sloth II a must-have for both new and seasoned collectors. Perfect for gift-giving right from birth, this collectible soft toy is designed with child safety in mind, with all tags and accessories easily removable.

Ensure to keep the tags for a memento of your Beanie Baby's origin. For care, a simple hand wash will keep Molasses looking fresh and cuddly. Whether for a Ty Beanie Baby collector, a child's playtime companion, or a decorative piece for any room, Molasses Sloth II promises to bring joy and smiles to all.

Add Molasses Sloth II to your collection today and experience the joy of owning a piece of the renowned Ty Beanie Babies legacy.


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