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Palm Pals Alfred Guardsman Soft Toy

Palm Pals Alfred Guardsman Soft Toy

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Meet the newest member of Aurora's Palm Pals Momento Collection, Palm Pals Alfred Guardsman Soft Toy - Standing at attention is Alfred the Guardsman, your cuddly sentinel in iconic red and black attire. With a miniature bearskin black hat and a heart of protective warmth, this plush bear stands ready to guard your dreams and adventures with unyielding bravery. Palm Pals Alfred Guardsman Soft Toy tender embrace and noble demeanour bring the spirited reality into your cosy realms. Embrace the adventures and secure your castle with Alfred Guardsman’s adorable vigilance!

Palm Pals Alfred Guardsman Soft Toy measures 13cm and is suitable for all ages. For any occasion, whether it's a birthday or not, this lovable multi-coloured bear soft toy is the perfect gift that everyone will adore and a great addition to any collection. This charming multi-coloured souvenir soft toy is filled with beans that fit comfortably in your hand.

As part of our Eco-Friendly initiative, the Palm Pals Alfred Guardsman Soft Toy comes with inner fibre fill and beans made from recycled plastic materials. Our hangtags are recyclable, and cloth labels are made from recycled materials. Aurora World is an industry leader with over 40 years of experience in creating and producing innovative, high-quality plush products.
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