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Sparkle Tales Fairy Fungi Plush Soft Toy 23cm

Sparkle Tales Fairy Fungi Plush Soft Toy 23cm

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Introducing the Enchanting Fungi Friends from Aurora World: The Softest, Sweetest, and Most Whimsical Sparkle Tales collection. Sparkle Tales Fairy Fungi Soft Toy is one of them.

Unleash your imagination with our adorable Sparkle Tales Fungi Friends soft toy collection. Inspired by the magical world of Sparkle Tales, these delightful plush companions are here to brighten your day and add a touch of enchantment to your life.

Sparkle Tales Fairy Fungi Soft Toy measures 23cm and this toy is suitable from birth.

Crafted with love and care, this Sparkle Tales Fairy Fungi Soft Toy has a white body with a lilac and white mushroom cap. There are cute fairy wings at the back which makes it irresistibly gorgeous and huggable. We have meticulously brought this fungi-shaped toy to life, ensuring every detail, from their charming expressions to the elegant colour palette, is perfect for sparking joy in both kids and adults alike. The Fungi Friends soft toys are the perfect gift for any occasion, that will be cherished forever.

Sparkle Tales Fairy Fungi Soft Toy is part of our Eco-Friendly initiative and comes with inner fibre fill and beans made from recycled plastic materials. Our hang tags are recyclable with our cloth labels being made from recycled materials.

As a leading industry expert for over 40 years, Aurora World is dedicated to creating innovative and top-quality plush products.  Embrace the magic of these charming fungi-shaped Sparkle Tales Fairy Fungi Soft Toy and let your imagination take flight!

Hurry and claim your Fungi Friends today. Join the whimsical world of enchantment, love, and cuddles that these delightful plush toys have to offer.

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