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Squishmallows Omar the Bear Cottage Multi Colour Pen

Squishmallows Omar the Bear Cottage Multi Colour Pen

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Choose between this 2 super cute 10 colour pens. Down each of the barrels they have an adorable all over print features two of the Squishmallows characters. One barrel is pink with a 2D Omar shaped topper and the other is a cream barrel with a Avery shaped topper. This pen contains 10 colours in 1 pen perfect for adding a bit of colour to your work. To simply change the colour press down the topper before selection another colour.

• 2 assorted designs

• One pink barrel with Oman as a 2D topper and the with a cream barrel and Avery as a topper

• 10 different ink colours including: black, light blue, dark blue, yellow, pink, orange, brown, green, red, and purple

This listing is for the Omar Pen 🧸

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