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Squishmallows Natnat the Pastal Blue Alien Plush Soft Toy 16 Inch

Squishmallows Natnat the Pastal Blue Alien Plush Soft Toy 16 Inch

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Original Squishmallows 16-Inch - Natnat the Pastal Blue Alien. Natnat is is a pastel blue alien with bluish-grey speckle. She has a white tummy and round, black eyes with lashes eyes. She has two antennae on top of her head that flop around dramatically. She wears a sunflower crown with green leaves. No one in the galaxy throws parties like Natnat! This little alien is pro at making every 'Mallow smile, and with her 'we got this' attitude. It's no wonder 'Mallows far and wide can't help but join in the fun. All this celebrating would make anyone tired, so Natnat keeps her energy up with a hot cup of green tea always in hand! Squish time is playtime when you add this Squishmallow to your Squad! This ultra-squeezable 16-inch plush is made with high-quality and ultrasoft materials. Add this adorable plush to your Squishmallow Squad! Squishmallows are perfect to snuggle with while relaxing at home, watching a movie, or taking a long car or plane ride! This authentic Squishmallows plush is easy to clean: hand wash, then air dry. These lovable and squeezable Squishmallows are the softest and cutest plush toys around! Join the Squad!

16 Inch (Flat Packed)

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