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Sylvanian Families Elephant Family

Sylvanian Families Elephant Family

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Meet the Bubblebrook Elephant Family!

Elephant Father, Mitchell Bubblebrook loves to sleep and often before he even realizes it he is snoring away! He loves to grow strawberries and looks forward to tending to them every day but when he cannot find his watering can or hose he will happily water them with his trunk. Elephant Mother, Rianne Bubblebrook does lots of exercise, so is always hungry and loves to eat to build up her energy for more activities. Elephant Boy, Hilton Bubblebrook wants to do everything grown ups do and loves to play tag. His favourite saying is "try everything, go everywhere!".

Sylvanian Families Elephant Family set, includes;

  • Elephant Father
  • Elephant Mother
  • Elephant Boy
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