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Ty Mitch Otter Beanie Bellies Plush Soft Toy 6 Inch

Ty Mitch Otter Beanie Bellies Plush Soft Toy 6 Inch

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Ty Mitch Otter Beanie Belly

If you are on the lookout for a new best pal to snuggle up with, look no further than this adorable Ty Beanie Belly! Made from Ty’s softest ever velvety fabric and featuring a squishy tummy filled with beans, they are the perfect cuddle companion to bring with you on all your adventures!

Say hello to super squishy Mitch the Otter! Mitch has soft brown fur with a cream belly, flopsy arms and legs with little paws, long soft whiskers, and large golden glittery eyes. Snuggle up together on a rainy day or take this cuddly pal out for a play!

Each Ty companion comes with its own little swing tag introducing them to their lucky new owner.


It’s amusing when I’m outside,

If there’s water, I’ll make a slide.

I am very playful and quick,

I can have fun with just a stick.

My birthday is October 1st.

Please remove all tags before giving the item to a child and, in order to care for your Beanie Boo, Ty recommends hand washing.

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